CTF-12 พัดลมขนาด 12 นิ้ว

CTF-12 (300 mm.)

พัดลมขนาด 12 นิ้ว


Model Number                      CTF-12 (300 mm.12'')

Electric Current Type          A.C. Single Phase

Blade Materia                       aluminum alloy

Voltage                                   220 V

Power                                     500/550 W

Frequency                             50/60 HZ

Air Volume                            65/77 m³/min

Speed                                      2800/3300   r/min

Noise                                       69 dB(A)

Fan                                          Industrial fan

Portable fan                           draught fan


Detailed Product Description

1)saving energy

2)strong wind power

3)convenient to move

4)light weight



1)saving energy

2)strong wind power

3)convenient to move

4)make low noise and light weight due to die-casting aluminum alloy.

5)with good capacity, the reasonable structure and the strong suction.



1)working sewer and cable

2)blowing bad gas when welding shipbuilding,canning,bridge.

3)exhaust for fire fighting,piping construction and in other violent working situation for ventilation.


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